Tools to Help Grow Your Business

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Streamline Your Systems

With over 15 years of collective experience running a business, our team has tried multiple software and applications (so we definitely have our favorites).

So we’ve compiled a list of resources that we believe are helpful and affordable for business owners of all walks so that you can save time and energy researching and more time making money for your business.


Business Set-up

Workspace (formerly known as gsuite) – It’s rare that we come across a business or business owner that doesn’t use Google Workspace. Not only do you get your own email address with a Gmail type set-up, but you also get access to the same tools like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet (for video chats), etc., which means fewer tools to invest in (i.e., Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Skype). 

Domain & Hosting

Siteground – We definitely recommend Siteground for hosting beginners. Not only is their customer service stellar, but they offer free migration and other easy-to-use tools.

Namecheap – Most of our domains here as we’ve found that we get the best deals and the interface is clean and easy to use and navigate. They’re also great and affordable for beginners who want a small WordPress website.


Asana – Popular project management system that mainly supports a list-based PM style. This is probably the most commonly used free PM tool.

Trello – If you’re big on aesthetics and using the kanban system, Trello might be a great option for you. 

ClickUp – ClickUp is both Asana and Trello combined. It’s a robust system with a lot of features, and what’s great is that it’s free. It can be overwhelming to users who prefer simplicity.

Nifty – We use Nifty for a number of reasons. They have their own internal chat system within the software so the team as well as clients, can communicate without having to rely on a separate software. Also, the Swimlane view as well as project milestones view have been beneficial to planning multiple projects with a lot of moving parts.


Streak CRM – Streak is a chrome extension that you can use within your gmail/workspace account and has a lot of features that help streamline our process. We use it to manage our prospects, get notified when emails are read, and there’s also a feature to store Snippets which is can save a lot of time.

One Tab – Another chrome extension that’s made for the tab heavy user. This allows you to save all your tabs and reference them at a later time.

Notion – This is a personal favorite and it’s a note-taking tool that can be used in many different ways. We use it for our SOP’s and weekly planning. But we’ve seen our partners use it for Project Management and even as Client Portals.